Our Services


 DOGS: $15.00 1/2 hour ,     $10.00 For let out,       Overnight Stay: $45.00 ,   Last minute call b/c stuck in traffic etc.$12.00      Powerwalk: $25.00 1 hour       Pet taxi. Prices Vary ,     Field trip : $45.00 3 hours
Also offer Perscription pick ups,  Vet Pick ups , sanyitizing toys, House sitting, administering Med,
Call for priciing.


Cats: overnight stays: $40.00 ,  30 min visit- $20.00   Includes: Feeding , bringing in mail, watering plants.

 Also do all other small animals.


 Walking Woofers has had expierncing with animals with disabilities and cancer!
 We are able to accomadate you when you go away with administering medications and with some dogs who are lame in the back legs ..get outside using a special harness.